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Therapeutic Focus

Almirall is strongly committed to promoting R&D focused on key therapeutic areas. Our work covers the whole of the drug value chain. A consolidated profitable growth allows us to devote our talent and efforts towards specialty areas and particularly to further grow as a leading dermatology player.


Covering a surface area of 2m2, skin is our body's largest organ. Skin diseases present a great variety of symptoms that require both topical and systemic treatments. There are various forms of dermatitis which, though not life threatening, have a significant impact on the patient's social activity, as well as on their quality of life. The most common skin conditions are actinic keratosis, psoriasis, eczema and skin infections.

Actinic keratosis

Actinic keratosis develops as a result of chronic UV damage in skin areas that are constantly exposed to sunlight. Descriptions such as solar keratosis, senile keratosis and age keratosis are frequently used as synonyms. Due to many years of repeated sun damage, the genetic information in the cells of the uppermost skin layer (keratinocytes) changes so that they are reformed more quickly.

The probability of developing actinic keratosis is greatest in old age and with fair-skinned people. It is estimated that around half of all Europeans over 60 are affected. Today, it is known that actinic keratosis is an early form of non-melanoma skin cancer. In contrast to other forms of skin cancer, however, actinic keratosis is not malignant, as it only affects the top-most skin layer.


Psoriasis ist eine chronisch-entzündliche Erkrankung, an der zwischen 1,5 % und 3 % der Bevölkerung leidet. Psoriasis zeigt sich u. a. durch- entzündliche, stark schuppende Hauterscheinungen die häufig an Ellenbogen, Knien oder Kopfhaut vorkommen.


Ekzeme sind eine Form von Hautentzündung mit unterschiedlicher Pathogenese. Die einzelnen Ekzemunterarten werden durch die zugrundeliegende Ursache der Hautentzündung unterschieden. Man unterscheidet z. B.: atopische Ekzeme, toxische Ekzeme und allergische Kontaktekzeme.