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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you want to know something about Almirall? These are the questions people most often ask of us.


1.- Who is Almirall?

Almirall is a global company based in Barcelona dedicated to providing valuable medicines through its R&D, agreements and alliances. Our work covers the whole of the drug value chain. A consolidated profitable growth allows us to devote our talent and efforts  towards specialty areas and particularly to further grow as a leading dermatology player. Our size enables us to be agile and flexible so that we can accomplish the purpose of taking our innovative products wherever they are needed.


2.- What is Almirall's mission and vision?

At Almirall we are aware that the promises made in our mission statement go hand in hand with the company's vision. Our talent and efforts address our mission to provide valuable medicines and medical devices to you and future generations. In order to turn challenges into success stories, our vision is  to become a leading specialty pharmaceutical company with a strong focus on improving lives of dermatology patients.

In terms of strategic direction, we want to focus our resources in:

  • Propelling our growth in Dermatology while maximizing the value of our existing portfolio
  • Effectively leveraging and combining business development and R&D actions
  • Selectively expanding in key countries
  • Gaining competitive advantage through customer affinity
  • Fostering a quality and results oriented organisation with a culture based on Trust, Innovation, Partnership and Personal Accountability

3.- How many countries are Almirall's medicines available in?

Almirall's medicinal products are marketed in over 70 countries on the five continents.


4.- Where are its affiliates?

In Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Nordic countries, Poland, Portugal, Spain, Switzerland and United Kingdom-Ireland. There are 13 affiliates in total, with sales capabilities in 21 countries.


5.- What were Almirall's total revenues & net sales in 2014?

Total revenues in 2014 were €1.407,4 million, while net sales totalled €786,4 million.


6.- What percentage of Almirall's total income comes from proprietary drugs?

Proprietary research & development drugs represent 74% of Almirall's net sales (2014).


7.- Which therapeutic areas does Almirall mainly focus its R&D on?

At Almirall, we work to become a leading specialty pharmaceutical company with a strong focus on improving lives of dermatology patients.


8.- What proportion of its budget does Almirall allot to research and development?

Almirall devotes more than 12% of its net sales and more than 14% of its workforce to R&D (2014).


9.- What are Almirall's medicines?

Almirall's portfolio is characterized by including branded medicines in a balanced ratio between own R&D drugs and third-party products, as well as a diversification by product, therapeutic area and geography. Almirall's 15 top-selling brands of 2014 accounted for over 70% of net sales and no single product exceeds 15% of them, which reflects a balanced portfolio without over-exposure to a single product. Out of the 15 top-selling drugs, nine were proprietary products: Airtal®, Almax®, Almogran®, Balneum®, Cordran®, Decoderm®,  Ebastel®  and Eklira®/Genuair®  and Monodox®/Acticlate®. The 74% of the net sales came from proprietary drugs.


10.- What is the size of Almirall's overall workforce?

In 2014, our workforce numbered around 2.130 people. Of these, almost 300 work in R&D.


11.- What are Almirall's most important R&D centres?

The Research and Development Centre in Sant Feliu de Llobregat (Barcelona) and the Almirall Centre of Excellence for Dermatology in Reinbeck (Germany).