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Talent development.

At Almirall we encourage our employees to keep learning and developing their skills. This way, each and every person within the company makes the greatest contribution for the benefit of all.

To this end, significant resources are dedicated to talent attraction, development and engagement. In 2016 alone, we invested more than 52,000 hours to training.

Within Almirall we offer several programmes to encourage talent development, new skills acquisition and team building.

Training Programmes

Training Programmes.

  • Technical training: we provide training in technical knowledge to help employees improve their performance and grow in their professional roles.
  • Training in values and competencies: we offer a training plan based on our corporate values and competencies.
  • Language training: we offer language courses to our employees according to their needs in their position within the organisation.
  • IT training: online training in IT tools is available to our employees to make use of when and where they wish.
Talent Development Programmes

Talent Development Programmes.

  • Professional Development Programme (PDP): the PDP is our corporate tool for the management and development of each employee's professional career.
  • Team Development Programmes (TDP): these team-building programmes are designed to guarantee the correct integration of team members, providing the necessary tools to become a solid, high-performance team.
  • 360º Feedback: This development tool let our managers obtain a holistic vision of their behaviour linked to our corporate values from different perspectives (self-assessment, the evaluation of his/her manager as well the as the evaluation of his/her team and collaterals)


This programme is designed to foster a stimulating and challenging environment at the workplace.

  • Engagement Survey: every two years, we launch a survey to determinate the level of engagement of our employees and find out about the perceptions that drive behaviours. This way, we can identify and implement actions which help us to foster a stimulating and motivating work environment in which professional talent is developed, strengthening the commitment to the company and a culture based on our values.
Recognition Programme

Recognition Programme.

  • Bravo!: this programme aims to promote a culture of recognition within Almirall in which all employees can formalise recognition for a job well done. These are linked to our four corporate values.

These and some other programmes are designed exclusively  for our employees, taking into account their needs and interests, and of course always aligned with the company's strategy and values.