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Initiatives that add value.

At Almirall, our corporate values are alive in all that we do and they are integrated in all our assessment (as PDP or 360º Feedback) and development programmes.

We have developed a number of initiatives within the framework of these values, to enable each employee to develop and live Almirall's values.

Adding Value(s) Virtual Community.

The first virtual community within Almirall was dedicated to talk about our values. A representative group of employees from all our affiliates came together to debate the culture we want to foster, by creating new ideas, sharing best practices and discuss new ways to deploy the values in our daily lives.

Workshop of Values.

Where we accompany all Almirall managers to understand and internalise the meaning of each value and how they are made visible in our behaviour with other people.

We also carry out another workshop to guide them on how to develop the values within their teams.

Corporate Values Awards.

Once a year, the Corporate Values Awards take place to recognise the most outstanding employees that are a clear example of our corporate values.