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Frequently asked questions.

Do you want to know something about Almirall? These are the questions people most often ask of us.

1.- How long would I usually have to wait to receive an answer once I have applied for a vacancy?

  • It is difficult to guarantee a period of time because quite often it depends on the number of people who have applied for the position.
  • Usually, if your application moves forward, you should hear from us within 30 days. If not, your profile will remain in our database for future opportunities. 

2.- How should I present support documents if I am applying for a scientific-medical position (publications, attendances at congresses, etc.)?

  • It is important to include the most relevant aspects for the specific job position in your CV. In case you are invited for an interview please send us any complementary information you consider relevant beforehand.

3.- How do I attach my CV?

  • Once you have completed your inscription you can attach your CV in a PDF or Word format.

4.- If I am interested in working in more than one country, where should I send my CV?

  • We have a global database; you just have to specify which countries you are interested in working in.