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How we hire.

Our recruitment policy encourages professional advancement within the company. For this purpose, we publish all vacancies internally first. This allows our employees to seek new opportunities and assume new challenges throughout their career at Almirall.

External recruitment starts when we are sure we cannot find the required talent and experience within the company.

The interview
The Almirall Candidate Profile

In order to seek the best talent, we have designed our recruitment process to guarantee the utmost objectivity and accuracy in choosing the right candidate. As a candidate, you can go through different stages:

  • Interview

The aim of the interview is to get to know you; your motivation, your professional experience, as well as the competences and value you would contribute to the company. You will have at least two interviews: one with Human Resources and the other with the person who would be your manager. Depending on the position, other kinds of assessments might apply.

  • Professional Profile Analysis Test

This will enable us to get to know your working personality.

  • Language test

Almirall is an international company composed of people with different nationalities. English is our common language and a good command is important to ensure good effective communication.

Throughout the recruitment process, you will be guided by Human Resources who will provide you with all the information you need about the company and the position you are applying for.