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External R&D Partnerships

New scientific discoveries are made every day, everywhere in the world. Besides its own R&D programme, Almirall establishes partnerships with public and private organisations, as well as academic research teams and biotechnology companies all over the world, in order to create a network to exchange knowledge and promote innovation to the benefit of society.

We also promote knowledge transfer networks with private institutions and research groups. This allows us to create new research programmes that respond to society's current needs. Moreover, we gain access to new technology, thereby accelerating the process of identifying new drugs.

Promoting Innovation

Almirall participates in the Innovative Medicines Initiative (IMI), a unique collaborative public-private initiative between the European Commission and European pharmaceutical companies, regulators, academia and patient organisations. We are also an active member of consortia working on topics closely related to our therapeutic focus.

Academic and Private Partnerships

Almirall's research scientists have established a wide network of external partnerships with public and private organisations across Europe and the United States:

  • Universities of Barcelona, Valencia, Santiago de Compostela and Pompeu Fabra (Spain)
  • Hospital Clínic of Barcelona and Barcelona Parc Scientific (Spain)
  • University of Michigan (USA)
  • Imperial College London (UK)
  • University Hospital of South Manchester (UK) through the Medicines Evaluation Unit
  • Galchimia and Enantia (Spain)
  • Mercachem (Holland)
  • Proteros and Evotec (Germany)
  • Charnwood and BioFocus (UK)