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Working Together for a Brighter Future

Almirall has established a broad international network of collaborations to create synergies and accelerate the R&D process. In research we collaborate with high level academic groups to discover new biomarkers or share expertise in translational medicine. We also carry out agreements with outside companies to obtain specific services which add assets to our work. In recent years Almirall has promoted strategic collaborations and partnerships in which knowledge or risk is shared to achieve a common goal. In development, we have agreements contributing to knowledge and resources from the early stages of the process up to the registration and marketing of a drug. We also work in collaboration with other companies to co-develop new medicines.

Partnering plays a vital role in Almirall's expansion. By working together with carefully selected companies, we are able to offer innovative solutions in therapeutic areas of need, all over the world.

Almirall forges alliances in a number of ways. With a strong portfolio borne out of our own R&D, we look to strategic partners to extend the reach of our products into new territories. In turn, we enrich our portfolio through in-licensing, acquisitions and commercial collaborations. A worldwide network of strategic alliances helps us maintain our chosen therapeutic focus, helping us improve the health and wellbeing of patients in more than 70 countries.


Why Partner with Almirall?

Almirall is able to offer a number of strengths and benefits to partnerships with companies in the sector.

Commercial strength

  • Commercial presence in Europe, US and beyond.
  • Experienced sales & marketing team with a proven track record. 

Experience and flexibility

  • Quick and flexible decision-making process.
  • Experience in creative deal structures.

Dynamic R&D platform

  • Proven R&D experience.
  • The most dynamic pipeline in our history.

Fully-integrated corporate structure

  • Expertise in managing regulatory procedures and clinical trials in EU and the US.
  • Cash flow for investment in business opportunities.
  • International expansion & innovation.

If you are interested in partnering with Almirall, please contact our Corporate Development team.