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Learn more about the main diseases in each of Almirall's key therapeutic areas: dermatology, gastroenterology and pain.


Research and development lie at the very heart of our organisation. Discover what's coming next, as we experience the most dynamic pipeline in our history.

Committed to the medicines of the future

"To those of you who have trusted us in the past, make a place for us in the future." Watch the video to hear about our determination and innovation, to achieve the dreams of those who came before us. At Almirall, the best is yet to come!

Career Opportunities

A career at Almirall means developing your talent and boosting your professional growth. Find out more about our opportunities and what a future at Almirall could look like for you.


Almirall has acquired the rights to Veltin® and Altabax® from Stiefel, a GSK company, in exchange for its distribution rights to Toctino®

Almirall, the global pharmaceutical company based in Barcelona, announces the acquisition of the rights to two Dermat ...


Almirall's September YTD results 2015: operational business outperformance driven by Dermatology

Barcelona, 9 th November, 2015.- Almirall, the global pharmaceutical company based in Barcelona, has announced year t ...


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